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Russia will not return to normal life until February next year due to Corona disaster

Russia's health minister, Murashko, said Wednesday that people's daily lives will not return to their normal conditions at least until February next year as the spread of new corona infections in the country continues. Moscow restaurant owner preparing meals for the elderly who cannot go out due to Corona infection on April 14 (Reuters / Maxim Shemekov, 2020) [Moscow 3 Reuters] - Russia's health minister Murashko said on April 3 that the new Coronavirus infection continues to spread in the country.

Yahoo! 7/4/2020 01:56JST Category:World

German Research Institute Begins Domestic Corona Antibody Testing to Grasp The Actual Situation of Infection

The German Center for The Study of Helmholtz's Infectious Diseases Research Center announced on March 3 that it has begun antibody testing using blood samples of about 3,000 residents of southern Loitlingen to understand the actual situation of new corona infections in Japan. This photo shows a blood sample for the new corona antibody test taken at a laboratory in Bonn on May 18 (Reuters/Martin Meissner/Pool via REUTERS, 2020) [Routlingen, Germany, 3 Reuters] - Helmhorl, Germany

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Chiba Prefecture New 9-person infection confirmed New Corona July 3, 17:47

Chiba Prefecture and Funabashi City announced that nine men and women from nursery school children to their 50s have been newly confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. According to Chiba Prefecture and Funabashi City, the infection was newly confirmed by nine men and women between the ages of 10 and 50, including part-time jobs at restaurants in Funabashi City and Chiba City. To conduct the inspection of other kindergarten children and the person who is a strong contact, among them, the nursery school child in Yachiyo City

NHK 7/4/2020 00:59JST Category:Japan

Wary of heavy rain and sediment disaster again

As of 12:10 a.m. on April 4, sediment disaster warning information has been released in some areas of Kagoshima, Miyazaki, and Kumamoto prefectures. After this, there is a lively rain cloud, and there seems to be a place where it falls violently with thunder. On Saturday morning on the 4th, rainfall will strengthen again, mainly in Kyushu and Tokai. On the Pacific side, the wind will strengthen and it will be raining sideways. Rainfall is expected to increase in various places such as 300 mm in Shikoku by Saturday evening, and it is necessary to watch out for sediment disasters.

news.tbs 7/4/2020 00:50JST Category:Japan

"Emergency declaration is not a situation to issue" Tokyo more than 100 infected people for two consecutive days

The government was cautious about issuing a second declaration. On March 3, 250 people nationwide were infected with the new coronavirus, the highest number since the declaration of emergency was lifted. The number of infected people per day has exceeded 200 since May 3. The largest number was 124 in Tokyo, exceeding 100 for the second consecutive day. Of these, 58 were part of the host club and other night-time cities, as well as nine dinners, six in the workplace, and two in the home. by age group

Fuji TV 7/4/2020 00:47JST Category:Politics

UK partially cancels quarantine at the time of entry For more than 50 countries such as Japan

The British government announced on March 3 that it will partially lift the two-week voluntary isolation measures that have been mandated for visitors as a watery measure for the new coronavirus from October 10. For visitors from more than 50 countries and regions, including Japan. Of the four parts of the UK, isolation is avoided only if they enter the England region where London is located. However, the Japanese government has issued a "stop-travel advisory" in light of the uk's infection and has asked its citizens not to travel to the UK regardless of their purpose.

okinawatimes.co.jp 7/4/2020 00:41JST Category:World

Record heavy rain in Kagoshima Baiu front activation

On the 4th, a wide range of vigilance is required. Due to the active rainy season front, heavy rain exceeding 90 mm was observed in Kagoshima and Satsuma Kawauchi City, which is the highest in the history of observation. About 30,000 households have been advised to evacuate some areas of Kagoshima City, equivalent to heavy rain warning level 4. On the morning of the 4th, active rain clouds were applied from Kyushu to Shikoku,, and Tokai, especially in Kyushu, around noon on the 4th, and it rained intermittently in the same place, and quite a bit

Fuji TV 7/4/2020 00:38JST Category:Japan

French Court rejects request for re-investigation of aircraft shooting down that led to Rwandan genocide

ON July 4 (AFP) - France's Court of Appeal today rejected a request for a re-investigation into the 1994 assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana, the president of the country, that triggered the Rwandan genocide, which is believed to have killed 800,000 people. The request for a re-investigation was the families of the victims who died aboard the plane when an aircraft carrying President Habyarimana was shot down. The Court of Appeals in Paris, the Capital of France,

AFPBB News 7/4/2020 00:26JST Category:World

Graffiti graffiti 'discriminatory' on the mermaid princess statue Denmark tourist attractions

English meaning "racist fish" was found on the pedestal of the statue of The Little Mermaid, a tourist attraction in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The police are investigating suspected property damage. Reuters news agency

47NEWS 7/4/2020 00:15JST Category:World

Tokyo New 124 people confirmed infection more than 100 people for 2 consecutive days New Corona July 3 21:00 ...

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, 124 new people were confirmed infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo on March 3. More than 100 people have been confirmed infected in Tokyo for the second consecutive day, following 107 people on the second day. On March 3, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that a total of 124 men and women in their teens and 90s were confirmed infected with the new coronavirus. More than 100 people are confirmed infected per day for the second day in a row, following 107 people on the second day.

NHK 7/3/2020 23:49JST Category:Japan