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1996 representative horse Sakurararel dies, gets two wins in G1

It was found that Sakura laurel (29-year-old Oyle), who won the Emperor's Prize, Spring and Arima Memorial in 1996, died on the morning of the 24th at Shinwaka Ranch in Shin-Hidaka, Hokkaido, where he was nourished for senility. It was announced on the ranch's Facebook page. In January 1994, the same horse was released in Miura and Sakai...

livedoor 1/24/2020 14:05JST Category:Politics

In the Wuhan "closure" to prevent the spread of the spread of the new pneumonia, residents are

On 23 January, the Chinese government blocked Wuhan, the center of the new coronavirus epidemic. Those who remained in Wuhan say they are desperate to stock up on food. Prices also seem to be rising. Many people say they stay indoors, refraining from going out. Airplanes, buses and railway services ...

BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN 1/24/2020 13:53JST Category:World

Japan's "bat diplomacy" seen by Taiwanese

On January 11, Taiwanese voters chose Mr. Liu English as its president, which sets him apart from the Chinese Communist government. Mr. Shigeta Fuji, an advisor to Taiwanese representatives of Japanese companies and Taiwanese companies, said, "Taiwan ...

BLOGOS 1/24/2020 13:37JST Category:World

North Korean authorities with head to 'family-level defection'

As North Korean authorities are making every effort to prevent North Korea from defecting, there have been incidents in which many attemptto escape north-north across a border river at once. The year-end and New Year's holidays that the border monitoring becomes loose ...

livedoor 1/24/2020 13:16JST Category:World

Video: The British Crown Prince through the U.S. Vice President? Video Spreading British Royal Family's Conjecture

[January 24 AFP] Prince Charles (Prince) at a memorial ceremony held 75 years before the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Jerusalem, Middle East. Speculation that Charles, 71, had deliberately ignored U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.

AFPBB News 1/24/2020 13:08JST Category:World

Chikuma River to remove temporary levees... Land and Geological Survey for Restoration by Typhoon No. 19 ...

In order to restore the Chikuma River Embankment in Nagano City, which collapsed due to Typhoon No. 19, the government began work on the removal of the temporary embankment from today 24. The removal began with the temporary embankment of Hoho, Nagano City, which collapsed in Typhoon No. 19 and was urgently re-filled with soil and other items. According to the Chikuma River Office, this restoration ...

FNN????????? 1/24/2020 12:58JST Category:Japan

ON LINE, "Kawai Rules" Is the reward more than the legal

There have been surprised comments from senior LDP officials about the transfer of 150 million yen from the party headquarters to the party headquarters of the Liberal Democratic Party's Councillor Seri Kawai and his husband, former Justice Minister Kawai, before last year's Upper House election. The chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, Shimomura, said, "I was really surprised at the market rate 10 times ...

livedoor 1/24/2020 12:46JST Category:Politics

Summit proposal of five permanent members Mr Putin "special responsibility"

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Tass-Joint) to speak at a ceremony in Jerusalem on 23Rd [Moscow joint] Russian President Vladimir Putin faces the world on the 23rd ...

livedoor 1/24/2020 12:33JST Category:World

New Coronavirus Threatens New Driving Force for China's Economic Growth -S&P

Spending on transportation and entertainment expenses by 10% and GDP growth by 1.2 percentage points are likely to help consumers avoid public places to reduce the likelihood of infection Private consumption, a key driver of China's economy in stead of investment, is likely to be hit by the spread of the new coronavirus infection, s&p ...

Bloomberg 1/24/2020 12:23JST Category:World

"Spring Festival" to celebrate the New Year of the lunar calendar opens in Nanjing, Kobe

The Chinese-style "Spring Festival" was held in Nanjing, Chuo-ku, Kobe City on The 24th. Amid growing alarm about pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, the Nanjing Shopping Street Promotion Association has implemented measures such as installing disinfectants in various places. Mr. Io Cao, 63, the president of the association, said, "We have a good time.

kobe-np.co.jp 1/24/2020 11:58JST Category:World