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[Enable sunny days on Saturday] https://t.co/98udWi6Xi9 In the Chugoku region, 25 (Sat) is a chance to wash, because it is expected to be sunny even though there are many clouds. 26..
1/24/2020 14:33JST

[May level ... Two consecutive summer days in January in Naze for the first time in 54 years https://t.co/cQZDcG7LQV.
1/24/2020 14:13JST

[Kyushu Again Rain 27th Rough Weather] https://t.co/cA3bl8EvdT Kyushu is expected to rain again from Saturday, 25th to Monday, 27th tomorrow.
1/24/2020 13:33JST

Week Monday to Wednesday From Kyushu to Kanto Rough weather https://t.co/3BQyO6GiZD The weather is not refreshing nationwide. In the first half of next week, a low pressure system will pass as it develops、..
1/24/2020 12:23JST

[24th morning, the temperature difference in the north and south of the Japanese archipelago to about 40 degrees] https://t.co/Keq0gld95w The morning of the 24th, it became a warm morning on record except Hokkaido, and the lowest temperature became the same as May .
1/24/2020 12:13JST

[Weather in Japan] (24th 12:00) https://t.co/Ej9X0rUGT9 The front line passes near northern Japan. In the afternoon, it will snow mainly on the Sea of Japan side in Hokkaido. The wind from the west is a little strong, and there seems to be a place where the outlook is bad. Tohoku and Hokuriku are also in some places.
1/24/2020 12:00JST

Tohoku: The cold weather in the severe winter season is perfect https://t.co/ObnOscq5UX.
1/24/2020 11:33JST

[24th Return time umbrella forecast] https://t.co/EcpXiZsbaM On the night of the 24th, umbrellas are likely to be needed on the Sea of Japan side of Hokkaido, Hokuriku, northern, and Sanin.
1/24/2020 07:03JST

[24th The air of "Spring" prevails Kanto and Tokai also temperature rise https://t.co/w4HY9nHnDx. Yesterday was the original cold of midwinter kanto and .
1/24/2020 06:43JST

[Weather in Japan] (24th 06:00) https://t.co/Ej9X0rD61B There will be a lot of clouds nationwide today, and it will rain and snow in some places. It is likely to rain around noon in the southern part of Kyushu. Clouds increase from northern Kyushu to Kanto, but there are some places where it clears up in the afternoon.
1/24/2020 06:00JST