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[Really warm winter https://t.co/G71H77luxZ? The Pacific side is also strict.
12/7/2019 18:43JST

[Weather in Japan] (7th 18:00) https://t.co/Ej9X0rUGT9 Tomorrow, the low pressure and the front are expected to move east and gradually cover the high pressure. There is sunshine in Okinawa, but it will rain in some places until dawn. From Kyushu to Kanto, the weather recovers and the sun light returns.
12/7/2019 18:00JST

[8th Kanto-Nishi is sunlight in the north of the cold is the same as the cold] https://t.co/rOClGSKBa1 . On the other hand, Hokkaido is also ice during the day.
12/7/2019 17:53JST

[Severe cold ness less than 10 degrees for the first time this season in Osaka city, etc.] https://t.co/YB7JkAnabo today (7th) is the highest temperature in Tokai and so far lowest this season.
12/7/2019 16:53JST

[Kanto, there is no longer a snow cover, please let go!] https://t.co/DuqaBJV9Ie Today 7th of the "Heavy Snow" of the Twenty-fourth Season. Although there is no longer a snow cover in the Kanto plain、..
12/7/2019 13:13JST

[Shaking cold Temperature at noon in Tokyo 5.2 degrees Lowest this season] https://t.co/NdrWULXBtb today (7th), cold rain is still falling in the coastal area as of noon. The temperature at noon is in central Tokyo.
12/7/2019 12:33JST

[Weather in Japan] (7th 12:00) https://t.co/Ej9X0rUGT9 The front is stagnant in the south of Japan. Okinawa will be rainy after this, and the air will remain in the air. From Kyushu to and Tokai, the rain gradually stopped, but there were many clouds mainly on the Pacific side.
12/7/2019 12:00JST

[7th "Heavy snow" In the west of Kanto, the cold of midwinter and snow dancing are also places where snow dances https://t.co/JJvIFdMgLN. It means when the heavy snow begins to fall.
12/7/2019 07:33JST

[Weather in Japan] (7th 07:00) https://t.co/Ej9X0rUGT9 It is likely to rain intermittently in Okinawa. In Kyushu, there is a place where it rains in the morning, but it is expected to clear up gradually in the afternoon. China, Shikoku,, Tokai will rain in many places with a lot of clouds.
12/7/2019 06:00JST

[First snow in Yokohama 50 days earlier than last season] https://t.co/Ik9rBImn3F The first snow was observed in Yokohama on Saturday, July 7th. Six days earlier than normal, 5. than last season.
12/7/2019 04:43JST