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[Weather in Japan] (17th 18:00) https://t.co/Ej9X0rUGT9 Tomorrow, due to the influence of the front and low pressure, there will be rain clouds over a wide area. The Tokai from Kyushu is likely to rain and thunderstorms intermittently, and it is likely to rain locally from around noon. It's been raining and stopped in Kanto、..
10/17/2019 18:00JST

[The world of "cool and interesting old words and haiku" - [Ten of the Samurai] https://t.co/WTP3UVDKe4 It's past the middle of October. The sun goes up early, and the night becomes longer from now on.
10/17/2019 17:02JST

[The weekend is wide-ranging and heavy rain https://t.co/fAVxTvMo21 is also very heavy] There are many places where the peak of rain reaches from Friday night to Saturday noon, and it is widely heavy. Like a waterfall.
10/17/2019 16:13JST

[Kyushu, tomorrow, 18th, rain, heavy thunderstorms https://t.co/VucepZ5hZK, too. Locally.
10/17/2019 15:23JST

[Friday to Saturday rain, there is a possibility that the risk of flooding will increase] https://t.co/7TVfl387tG On Friday 18th, rain clouds developed mainly from Kyushu to will be applied. On Saturday 19th.
10/17/2019 14:43JST

[Maple autumn leaves in Kushiro for the first time in this autumn https://t.co/wflyjJXtYM] On Thursday 17th, the autumn leaves of maple (Itaya maple) were observed at the Kushiro Alley Side Meteorological Observatory. National..
10/17/2019 12:23JST

[Weather in Japan] (12:00 on 17th) https://t.co/Ej9X0rUGT9 The front extends from the Nansei Islands to the south of Honshu. Okinawa will be fine, but please be careful of local thunderstorms. There will be rain clouds in Kyushu, and there will be rain in Shikoku. The Chugoku region and Hokuriku are also .
10/17/2019 12:00JST

Weekly weather 22nd to 23rd Low pressure course: https://t.co/8jheVxLxco From 22nd to 23rd, a low pressure system will move along the southern coast of Honshu. Depending on the course of the low pressure, the Tokai and Kanto are rainy.
10/17/2019 11:23JST

[Weather downhill around the Pacific side on the 17th] https://t.co/MozSWnaTFv After the evening of today (17th), it rains mainly on the Pacific side. Tomorrow (18th) to the day after tomorrow (19th).
10/17/2019 07:03JST

[17th return time umbrella forecast] https://t.co/FMTAEE7CnZ It will start raining in the afternoon in Kyushu on Thursday 17th. Kanto and Tokai also began to rain in the evening.
10/17/2019 06:53JST